Thermostat for gas, electric, or wood-fired ovens.

TO-711BModel: TO-711B fiber_new

It uses a J-type thermocouple sensor* to measure temperatures between 0º and 500ºC. The preset mode provides 20 configurations to control the temperature, cooking time, and steam injection, making the oven ready for the most varied types of cooking. allows reversing the rotation direction of the fan to improve the uniformity of the roast. The instrument also controls steam injection and lighting in the oven, and has an internal audible alarm (buzzer) that signals, for example, the end of the roasting process.

It also allows for the use of an external audible alarm and temperature sensor for thermal protection of the fan, preventing it from overheating.
ThermOn line was developed to receive international certifications, besides having unique design. Their friendly and intuitive interface makes them easy to operate and configure. It offers a function lock feature to prevent third parties from changing the parameters, an air-tight front panel (IP65) that provides high protection against the ingress of dirt and moisture, possibility of configuration through the EasyProg* programming key and more.
* sold separately
Dimensions: 75x75x100 mm
Application example: gas, electric, or wood powered ovens.

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