Microsol RST Advanced fiber_new

Microsol RST Advanced The Microsol RST Advanced is a digital thermostat with control logic for heating or cooling. The unit is equipped with a clock, events schedule for rational and economical use of the controlled load, and protected access to configuration parameters.
It features the Holiday function which saves on power consumption during periods when the system is idle.
The Microsol Advanced line is characterized by its unique design for use in residential environments, by the easiness of operation with keys for easy access to the controller's main resources and by the use of the custom display.

The display technology employed allows presenting in a complete and simple manner the solar heating system's information, such as: output status, pump operation mode, and sensor position and temperature.
Dimensions: 104 x 148 x 32 mm
Application example: Heating systems for thermal reservoirs; floor heating; air conditioning.

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