Differential solar heating controller

Microsol II E plus<Model: Microsol II E plus fiber_new

Differential solar heating controller featuring three temperature sensors* that activates the water pump. Its functions prevent the water from overheating and the freezing within the pipes. It has two backup outputs by electric resistance, gas or diesel-fired or even to command the swimming pool filtration. In addition to this, it features a real-time scheduler that allows to set weekly and daily events and permanent internal battery to ensure clock synchronism for many years, even in case of power shortage.
It has a serial communication for connection to Sitrad.

Evolution line products has a frontal IP-65 protection, Flatec key for easy access, four digits display and exclusive accessories** as the key programmer EasyProg and the protective case Ecase.
* Two sensors included.
** Sold separately.
*** Controls temperature up to 200ºC with silicone sensor cable model SB59, sold separately.
Dimensions: 71x28x71 mm
Application example: pumped solar heating systems.

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